Mountain Magic:

Spellbinding Tales of Appalachia


Submission Guidelines


“Remember one thing: what man knows he calls science, what he has yet to learn he calls magic. Both are real.” Magician Tony Andruzzi, AKA Masklyn ye Mage



Thank you for your interest in Mountain Magic. This anthology will be published through Woodland Press, publishers of the Legends of the Mountain State series, Appalachian Winter Hauntings, and the Stoker award-winning Writers Workshop of Horror.


Here, in a nutshell, is what I want for Mountain Magic:


·       Short stories up to 2500 words and poems between 8 - 34 lines

·       The setting must be the Appalachian states (West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia)

·       Magic (either supernatural or performance magic) must be central to the plot of the story or poem. But please remember: magic can be supernatural, but not everything supernatural is necessarily magical.

·       Urban fantasy is acceptable. “Rural” fantasy, more so.

·       Horror stories and poems should not be too graphic. I am looking for “quiet horror” for this anthology.


And what I don’t want:


·       No high fantasy (elves, wizards, Dungeons & Dragons settings)

·       No Dr. Strange pastiches or “Wizard of Gore” knockoffs

·       Although this anthology is targeted to adults, stories should not contain explicit language or content

·       None of the standard, and considerably unflattering, Appalachian clichés

·       No reprints, including stories which have been posted online

·       No simultaneous submissions


Submissions will be taken from March 20th to June 21st, 2010. Electronic submissions only. The submission should be in .rtf, .doc, or .docx format and attached to the e-mail, not included in the body of the e-mail. Only one short story per e-mail, although multiple poems may be sent in the same e-mail. All submissions should be sent to  Please do not send inquiries about submissions until July 1st, 2010.


Payment will be 5¢ a word for short stories and $5 per poem, along with one contributor’s copy of the book.


Be sure to visit Grimoire of the Mountains, the official blog for this anthology, at There you will find inspiration and news on the anthology. Questions about the anthology can be sent to, and I’ll post answers on the blog so that everyone can see them.


Thank you again, and good luck.



Brian J. Hatcher, Editor

Mountain Magic: Spellbinding Tales of Appalachia