Peculiar Places of West Virginia


Submission Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in Detours. This anthology will be published through Woodland Press, publishers of the Legends of the Mountain State series, the Stoker award-winning Writers Workshop of Horror, and my anthology Mountain Magic: Spellbinding Tales of Appalchia.


I am looking for stories that take place in West Virginia, at a real location with a strange or unusual history. It can be haunted, weird, or unusual. The place cannot be incidental to the story, but must be a part of the plot, as if it were another character in the story. You can find some ideas for places here: But there are other places as well; nothing beats good, old-fashioned research.


Here are the particulars:

·        Short stories up to 2500 words.

·        The setting must be a real place in West Virginia, and the history of the location must also be real. No UFO lands in Parkersburg stories, unless people in Parkersburg actually saw a UFO.

·        Although this is not a purely horror anthology, stories with spooky elements to them are encouraged. But they shouldn’t be graphic in their descriptions.

·        Although this anthology is targeted to adults, stories should not contain explicit language or content.

·        None of the standard, and considerably unflattering, Appalachian clichés.

·        No reprints, including stories which have been posted online.

·        No simultaneous submissions.


Submissions will be taken from April 10th to May 31st, 2011. Electronic submissions only. The submission should be in .rtf, .doc, or .docx format and attached to the e-mail, not included in the body of the e-mail. Only one short story per e-mail, and please put “Detours” in the subject line. All submissions should be sent to  I will send a response when I receive your story. Please do not send inquiries about submissions until June 1st, 2011.


Payment will be 5¢ a word for short stories, along with one contributor’s copy of the book.



Thank you again, and good luck.


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Brian J. Hatcher, Editor

Detours: Peculiar Places of West Virginia